Yang Se Jong Lucky Break In 2017 !!

He was an unknown actor a year ago, now Yang Se Jong is starring as Seo Hyun Jin‘s leading man in new romantic drama, Temperature of Love. How did it happen?

A year ago, you probably didn’t know who Yang Se Jong was. He first appeared on screen in Doctor Romantic, which aired in November 2016. Before that, he was a college student whose handsome looks earned him a modeling contract.

In Doctor Romantic, Yang Se Jong played Dr. Do In Bum: a tall, handsome and aloof doctor who became caring by the end of the drama. Although his character did not win the leading lady’s love, the equally tall and handsome actor began his rising arc to stardom.

He next appeared on screen in a dual role in the historical romance drama Saimdang: Light’s Dairy. He played the younger version of leading man Song Seung Hun, Saimdang’s lover in the past timeline, as well as a research investigator in the present.

The series, released in January 2017, was actually filmed from May 2015 to May 2016, but it is considered Yang Se Jong’s second drama in his filmography due to the later release date. The rookie actor must have made a great impression in his debut because he soon received the offer to participate in Doctor Romantic.

Having a dual role was evidently not enough for the aspiring actor. Yang next starred in a triple role in the suspenseful sci-fi thriller, Duel, where he played two mysterious clones plus the original human that the clones were created from. The young actor impressed viewers with his convincing performance in playing three characters of different personalities.

Do the math: by this time, Yang Se Jong has appeared in three dramas, played 6 characters, all within one year!

And now, he will romance Seo Hyun JinDoctor Romantic‘s leading lady, in the new romantic drama Temperature of Love, where he’ll play a handsome gourmet chef. If Seo Hyun Jin doesn’t take him this time, I’m sure many fans will volunteer.

Yang Se Jong is only 24 (Korean age 25) and his future looks incredibly bright. When he entered the Korea National University of Arts in 2012 to pursue his passion for acting by majoring in Theater and Film, did he know he would rise so quickly to be a romantic leading man in such a short time? 

Wouldn’t you agree he is the luckiest actor in 2017?

BTW, the first-time leading man shared this interesting tidbit: “I was given the role of a chef, and I think I have some talent for cooking. I learned how to cook steak the first night but it turned out really well.”

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