About Us

Founded in 2016, DramaGossip has been a platform for reflections on Asian entertainment. We’re interested in the world of Hallyu, but what it implicates about culture. We love our pop, Dramas and we also love analyzing it. The DramaGossip team is a dedicated group of writers who are interested in the larger picture of Asia Culture.

DramaGossip is an ongoing project of discussion and dissection. It is also a collection of many authors with many different opinions, united by a love of writing and taking apart and facilitating discussion on a deeper level of everything associated with Asian Dramas and Pop. Its purpose is not to evangelize, nor is it to spread hatred, nor is it to pander to an audience. There is no overall agenda. We value freedom of expression above all things, as long as a basic respect of the opinions of others (even if they are different) is maintained.

The opinions expressed are that of our individual writers, and not DramaGossip as a whole.
For any other inquiries, please email us at info@dramagossip.com